Scrubs and Lab Coats at Heikks

Heikk’s works with Dickies Medical, Landau and Red Kap for scrubs and lab coats.  We can get pretty much anything they carry and then we can decorate them to meet your needs.   For scrubs, the Dickies EDS Signature series and the Xtreme Stretch series have proven to be the most popular.   Each have several scrubs tops and pants for women and a few selections for men too.  Most popular has been the V-neck scrub top with two pockets near the waist and a matching cargo pant.  The Dickies scrub material is quite nice and the products come in a good selection of colors and sizes.   Lab coats are another option with offerings from Dickies, Landau and Red Kap.  We order from all three to fit the specific needs of medical departments as each has their own favorites.   We only have a few samples of these products in-house but again we can order as needed.   Plus we can create or recreate pretty much any logo as needed to further personalize these items.