Embroidered Hats at Heikk’s

At Heikk’s we do a lot of full-color embroidered hats.  We always embroider logos on the front and we sometimes put additional text on the back and/or either side.  Hats are kind of a religious thing as each person has a particular style they like to wear.  So we offer many styles and in an order, we can mix styles and colors.  I personally like to wear an unstructured “dad hat” in an olive, khaki or navy color.   Hat styles come in a few basic designs .

A structured hat with a Velcro closure is our most popular.
An unstructured (also called a dad hat), with a Velcro or buckle structure is also very popular.
FlexFit hats which stretch to size are yet another popular style.
Flat-Rims hats are popular with the younger crowd.

And there are many other styles and variations.  Again, we can mix styles and colors in an order.   Need some embroidered hats, give Heikk’s a call!