Heikk’s works with all kinds of artwork, from your sketch to a screenshot of an on-line design program.  However, we prefer that you get us vector art in an AI or EPS file type with all text data converted to outlines.  That makes it much easier for us and less expensive for you.  But we will work to create what we need from whatever you have.

If you are just starting out with a design, there are two key components to most designs, text and graphics.  For text, perhaps the most used font site is where there thousands of free fonts to download.  The site makes it easy to enter your text and quickly see what it looks like in hundreds of fonts in minutes. Once you pick a font, we can then work with it in a variety of ways.  This all makes it easy for you to pick your perfect font.

Next for graphics and graphic ideas.  There are many sites for this, including just going to Google images to capture an idea that we can play with.  But even better is to go to a site like where you can search by topic and find usually dozens and dozens of hits on possible graphics.  You can find lion heads, silhouettes of people, castles, sports equipment, pretty much just anything,  Each graphic is usually $1.00 in full vector format.  So give us the vector ID and we will purchase it and work with it.

In combination this gives you and us amazing tools to create just what you need in the format we need so that we can more easily set up for screen-printing and embroidery.

Again, you can also email or text us a sketch or screen shot of something you like but it you want to play, design, use these tools in Adobe Illustrator and the best designs will result.