Heikk’s Decorated Apparel Studio opened in 2003 in Downtown Ypsilanti and it moved to its current location at 133 West Michigan Ave in 2006.   Initially focused on beautiful, full-colored embroidery, Heikk’s is now a full service apparel decorator with its manual and automatic screen-printing, automated cutting of names, numbers and designs for pressing on, and full color sublimation of apparel and hard goods such as coffee cups, key chains, and license plate holders (and much more).

It’s all about high quality designs and graphics, the use of colors, picking the right technology to use and then selecting the apparel you need; sometimes just a t-shirt or hat, and sometimes a collection of products for your team or organization.  Because we do everything in house using a variety of techniques, we can put together an exciting family of products for you.  Just give us a chance.

Heikk’s is a licensed vendor of the University of Michigan and a partner of Eastern Michigan Athletics,  We decorate apparel for teams at both schools and many have competed in our decorated Nike or Adidas apparel.  Heikk’s is also licensed for the University of Central Florida where we work with the DeVos School of Sport Business Management.  Through our relationship with Scholar-Baller, a non-profit bringing Academics to Sport and Entertainment, Heikk’s has made patches and stickers for NCAA game day uniforms to signify a high level of academic achievement.

Dave Heikkinen, the founder and owner of Heikk’s, has a BS in Computer Engineer from the U of M, is still working to finish a MS in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandizing at EMU, and previously worked for 23 years in Robotics development and marketing, initially with IBM and then with Sankyo Seiki.  Dave’s  embroidery machines have become his little robots!  Focused on automated manufacturing for those many years, Dave caught the bug of making stuff and Heikk’s Decorated Apparel is the result.  And the stories are many!

Heikk’s Decorated Apparel Studio, a fun place to visit, a great place to count on!