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Scrubs and Lab Coats

Heikk's has been providing high-quality embroidered scrubs and lab coats  to hospitals and doctors offices for several years.  Heikk's has also been providing screen-printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, embroidered bags and fleece and a wide variety of other products as requested.  Simply stated, Heikk's provides a unique collection of products and services to meet your decorated apparel/accessory needs. 

The two lines of scrubs and lab coats that Heikk's is carrying today are from Dickies and Landau.   On occasion we can also obtain Red Kap products.

Here are the official links to these product lines:

For Dickies:

For Landau:

For Red Kap: select Healthcare Industry

Heikk's also has some leftover Angel-brand scrubs in miscellaneous sizes. If interested, please stop by to see what is available.   Heikk's stopped carrying Angel brand due to their poor delivery performance and inventory levels.  Both Dickies and Landau have provided far superior support and overall product offerings.  Customer feedback to these products has been excellent!

Again note that Heikk's can customize any of these products with embroidered logos, department names and personal names and titles.

Have questions, please email or call 734-481-0140.