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Scrubs and Lab Coats

Heikk's has been providing high-quality embroidered scrubs and lab coats  to hospitals and doctors offices for several years.  Heikk's has also been providing screen-printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, embroidered bags and fleece and a wide variety of other products as requested.  Simply stated, Heikk's provides a unique collection of products and services to meet your decorated apparel/accessory needs. 

As of 2008, Heikk's was approved as a provider of Landau and Dickies medical apparel which gives us a very extensive selection.  What follows below is an organized summary of many of the more popular products we can provide.

The most popular lab coats we work with are:

Landau 3155 Ladies Lab Coat
Landau 3145 Men's Lab Coat

Red Kap KP13 Ladies Lab Coat
Red Kap KP14 Men's Lab Coat

Landau Lab Coats for Men (entire line)
Landau Lab Coats for Women

The Dickies Lab Coat Line

Note that Heikk's carries a small sample stock only at this time.  Lab coats, as with scrubs, are ordered and decorated per request.


Heikk's is also proud to offer the Dickies line of medical apparel.  They have a very broad line so we will link you to their on-line catalog via the link below.  We will order in and decorate whatever is desired so just let us know. 

Dickies Medical Products

EDS Product Line

Gen Flex Product Line

Soft Works Product Line

Xtreme Stretch Product Line

Love Your Color Product Line

And several others from the main page



Heikk's is proud to now offer Landau scrubs and lab coats.  Landau has a very broad product line so it is easiest to route you to their on-line catalog via the links below.  We will order in and decorate whatever is desired and their service is quite good too!

Landau Women

Landau Men