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An Introduction

Heikk's is owned and run by Dave Heikkinen, a graduate of the University of Michigan (Computer Engineering) and currently a Masters candidate at Eastern Michigan University.   After graduation from Michigan, Dave spent thirteen years in IBM Boca Raton, including the last three in management in the field of computer-controlled robotic systems.  Dave spent another ten years as a Vice President with Japanese-based Sankyo Seiki Robotics and then a short year as President with German-owned Trellis Software and Controls.  

In March of 2001, Dave formed Imagillation Inc. a Michigan corporation under which Dave's goal was to pursue many of the business ideas that he had collected over the years.  He then had the opportunity to take over control of Heikkinen Productions Embroidery.  Here Dave was able to leverage his computer expertise, his marketing, sales and customer support background, and his flair for design, fashion and quality production to bring new life into many designs and new ideas to many customers.  The business name "Heikk's" is a dba and division of Imagillation Inc.

In December 2003, Dave moved his business out of two cramped garages and away from a very uncomfortable environment and moved into a historic store front in downtown Ypsilanti.  Dave also renamed his embroidery business to Heikk's Custom Embroidery.

In the summer of 2006, Dave acquired in-house screen-printing equipment to further extend his direct efforts and he evolved his business name to Heikk's Decorated Apparel Studio to better reflect all that is done ... it truly is now integrated design and production studio, one in which customers are encouraged to come and visit and interact to ensure the best possible results.  Heikk's has become one of the premier providers of customized, decorated wearables and related accessories in the greater Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, though its actual reach is now nation-wide. 

In April of 2006 and due to a deteriorating building, yet one more challenge, Heikk's moved to a new store front directly across the street into 133 West Michigan Avenue, the former Citizen Bank location, which is right on the corner of West Michigan and South Washington.  It is a much nicer location than before with a back entrance accessible from the south City parking lot.   As those who visit will note, it is much better lit with many windows and a very professional feel.

Dave continues to work on his Masters at Eastern Michigan in Fashion Design and Merchandising.  Dave has completed his class work and is now working on his Masters Thesis/Project which is in the subject area of Incentive Apparel for Academics and Athletics.

In 2003, Dr. Keith Harrison walked into the Heikk's studio and, as an example of what can happen when one provides excellent service, Dave became a member of the Scholar-Baller national nonprofit promoting academics for sports and entertainment.  Dave is presently the Director of Incentives for Scholar-Baller.  For more information on this exciting organization, please visit

In 2011 and in 2012, Dave was voted the President of the Downtown Association of Ypsilanti (DAY). The mission of DAY is to promote the common economic interests of Downtown Ypsilanti businesses through activities which contribute to the public safety, marketing, growth, culture, entertainment and vitality of the community. For more information on DAY, please visit

As part Dave's DAY responsibilities, Dave joins Lucy Ann Lance every Friday at about 9:25AM on Ann Arbor's WLBY AM1290 to promote Downtown Ypsilanti.  Dave brings a different Ypsilanti guest each week to be interviewed by the award-winning Lucy Ann.  Here is a link to past interviews: