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Hoodies & Other Sweatshirts:  Styles and Colors

When it gets cold, we all seem to love our hoodies and other types of sweatshirt.  There is just something comforting about a hoodie with the pouch pocket which makes it most popular with students of all ages. For others we have the traditional crew-neck sweatshirt, the zip-up hoodies, and the quarter-zip sweatshirts.   There are many to choose from so below we have done our best to highlight some of the favorites.

The hoodie come in various brands, different percentages of cotton and polyester, different weights, different colors, and sometimes with slightly different features.  Here are our favorites:

Hanes P170 with Great Price/Performance

Hanes F170 10 oz Ultimate Cotton

Gildan 9500 9.5 oz 80/20 Cotton/Poly

Gildan 12500 9.3 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly

Sport-Tek F254 9 oz 60/40 Cotton/Poly

Sport-Tek F281 12 oz Super Heavyweight

Port & Co PC90H 9 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly

Jerzees 4997M 9.5 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly


For a slightly more formal look or if you just don't like a hoodie, here are a variety of crewnecks to choose from"

Hanes P160 with Great Price/Performance

Hanes F260 10 oz Ultimate Cotton

Gildan 9000 9.5 oz 80/20 Cotton/Poly

Gildan 12000 9 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly

Sport-Tek F280 12 oz Super Heavyweight

Port & Co PC90 9 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly

Jerzees 4662M 9.5 oz 50/50 Cotton Poly



Sometimes a zip-up hoodies is the better or more preferred selection, especially if you want a hoodie and the pockets but don't want to pull something over your head  So here are a few zip-ups to choose from!

Hanes F283 10 oz Ultimate Cotton

Jerzees 4999M 9.5 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly

Sport-Tek F258 9 oz 60/40 Cotton/Poly

Sport-Tek F282 12 oz Super Heavyweight

Jerzees 993M 8 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly

Port & Co PC90ZH 9 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly



A compromise between a pullover hoodie and a zip-up hoodie is the quarter-zip hoodie, it is still a pullover but with a quarter-zip front to make it easier.

Sport-Tek F253 9 oz 60/40 Cotton/Poly

Sport-Tek L253 Ladies 9 oz 60/40 Cotton/Poly

Jerzees 4528M 9.5 oz 50/50 Cotton/Poly

Port Authority F292 Sueded Finish 9 oz

Sport-Tek F262 with Contrast Color

Sport-Tek F243 Sport-Wick

Port Authority K506 Silk Touch Mesh Knit

Port Authority F220 Flatback Rib

Red House RH09 High-End Pima Interlock


Here are some hoodies with a bit more style in their design:

Sport-Tek F263 Colorblock 9 oz 60/40

Sport-Tek F261 with Mesh Arm Stripes

Sport-Tek F255 with Sleeve Stripes

District Thread DT103 Pigment Dyed

Charles River 9755 Spirit Logo Hoodie

Holloway 2495 Velocity Hoodie

Holloway 2496 Renegade Hoodie

Holloway 2498 Vibe Hoodie

Badger 1262 Hook Hoodie

Badger 1250 Color Block Hoodie



For the girls and ladies, here are some designs just for you!

Sport-Tek L264 Colorblock Full-Zip Hoodie

Sport-Tek L258 1-Color Full-Zip Hoodie

Sport-Tek L259 2-Tone Full-Zip Hoodie

District Thread DT219 Velour Full-Zip Hoodie

Port Authority L505 Silk-Touch Full-Zip

Bella B7007 Full-Zip Raglan Hoodie

Bella B7010 2-Tone Full-Zip Raglan Hoodie

Bella B7207 Stretch French Terry Lounge Jkt

Port Authority L490 Soft Touch Hoodie




If you don't see something here that you like, please browse our on-line catalogs and then let us know if you have any questions.