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Varsity Coats

Here at Heikk's, we design and produce beautiful non-traditional, graphical varsity coat designs typically using products from Holloway USA.  Here are a few samples of what we have delivered in the past (please forgive the poor photography!):

The selection of standard Holloway varsity coats can be viewed here!

Using our high-end embroidery design software, extensive clip-art collections and computer-controlled 15-color embroidery machines we can produce a wide range of full-back designs.  These designs range in size, complexity and cost, with our most extensive design to date totaling 138,000 stitches!  What we cannot do is the more traditional chain-stitched designs used on many varsity coats.  These are done using a different type of machine.  But then those that come to us typically want something non-traditional and unique to them.   In addition to designing and producing a colorful full-back design, we typically embroidered a name on the right chest, sew varsity letters on the left chest, sew year numbers on the shoulder, and occasionally sew other letters on to a shoulder or two.

Standard blank Holloway varsity coats start at around $160.00 for sizes small to XL.  Fully decorated varsity coats start at $300.00.   Custom Holloway coats, coats from other vendors, and black corporate varsity coats are also available upon request.  Note that these coats take time so please allow us 3-4 weeks for delivery.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (734) 481-0140 or email to

Thank you!