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Wanted:  Old Dresses ...

One result of Dave Heikkinen's working on his Masters in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising at Eastern Michigan University (with a goal to graduate in 2009) was to be exposed to and take classes in fashion design.  Over the course of many classes and projects, Dave came to appreciate the value of used apparel, primarily dresses, tops, skirts, and apparel incorporating lace, embroidery and appliqués.  Thus a collection was started and today Dave has a workroom stocked with these items.  During the course of the past few years, these items have been used as follows:

  • some have had their graphics scanned, digitized and used in new graphic designs

  • some have been cut apart and used to prototype new items

  • portions of some have been cut and used as material for appliqués which is great for "Greek" wear!

  • some have been studied for their design content

  • some have found new homes with a wanting and appreciative soul!

  • some have been used for complementary photo purposes

  • and the rest serve as touch and feel "clip art" of sorts

Since there is a need to come up with ideas quite quickly sometimes, a walk through the racks of apparel can generate ideas for color combinations, graphics, or simply new ways to put things together

So if "you" have any dresses, blouses, skirts, gowns, etc. that you would like to get rid of, please drop them off at Heikk's.  We will pick out what we can use and then drop the rest off at the local thrift store around the corner.