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The Heikk's Advantage

We like to think of ourselves as the "good" Heikk's, the friendly Heikk's because we are.  We simply like to interact with and deliver the best possible products to our customers unlike many operations out there.  In fact if you stop by to discuss a project you'll find that in a short period of time that we will show you catalogs of wonderful products, perhaps pull you up along side our screen to sketch out a design, show our machines and inventory of thread and ink colors and other materials, or perhaps even do a show and tell of what's new.  Heikk's is indeed a decorated apparel studio ... we meet with our customers, we interact, we design, we prototype, and we produce all quality products. 

So what is the Heikk's advantage ... it is how we put it all together for a quality set of products for you!

  • We screen-print AND embroider AND digitally print AND heat-press AND sublimate, always working to choose the best technology or technologies for your project.  We understand and work in all five formats!

  • We are very capable at graphics design AND embroidery digitizing all in-house and all using the latest computer programs.  Our IBM heritage comes well into play here!  Always ask who does the computer work, if not in-house then look elsewhere!

  • We are very accessible, M to TH 8AM to 6PM, Friday 8AM to 2PM and other times by appointment!  As many know, we are also frequently here late at night.  If you can't stop by, we LOVE email and we can do a lot by email, so just email whenever you have a question to or  You can also call.

  • We like to interact, we like your input and your feedback and we like to sit down and work out details on the computer together!  We can also email designs to you to take a look at and we will make changes as you request.

  • We have dozens of apparel and accessory suppliers and volumes of clip art and other ideas.  We are always working to expand our libraries yet we also like to hear your ideas, both in apparel and with graphics.

  • We keep a clean, well-lit operation without those nasty smells and ink seemingly everywhere.  We are in a professional, properly zoned building ... this is no garage shop and there is no sneaking around to run a business.

The bottom line is that we bring our whole herd of horses to the tasks at hand to ensure that you get the best possible products.  As we like to joke, there are no 3-legged horses here!