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Some Great Products

From time to time, we will post information here on some great products that we have first hand knowledge with, as in actually using them.  Of course we wear various t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and hats that we carry and make, but beyond those, there is some good stuff out there.  So here is the start of our list.  Click on the picture for more information!

This is the JST80 Long Length Team Parka.  Price is around $90. Not only is this a great coat for the sidelines, but I found it to be a very warm coat for snow-blowing and dog-walking during these "tundra times".  It is fleece line in the body and hood and is good against the wind and wet.  Plus it is long, which mean warmth!

The BG79 is a really nice duffel bag that I use on weekend trips to visit Scholar-Baller.  Priced in the $33.00 range, it is durable and spacious  (13"h x 24"w x 11.5"d).  It has a comfortable strap, several compartments and some convenient handles. It is just a great bag!