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Coffee Cups

At Heikk's we produce sublimated coffee cups, which are white coffee cups with graphics and/or photos heat applied to the three sides of the cup much like what is done at kiosks in shopping malls. 

The advantage of the sublimation process is that we can print on three sides (front, back and side opposite the handle) all at once and we can print anything that can be printed out with a printer.   What we do is design the cup layout typically using Adobe Illustrator starting with a blank template which is effectively a rectangle measuring 9" wide by 3.5" tall.  We then place graphics and/or photos inside the template creating the wrap-around design we desire.  Once done, we print the design with our special inkjet print, which has sublimation inks installed, on to a piece of transfer paper.  We then cut out the printed template, attach it to the cup as desired with heat-resistant tape, and then we place the cup into a special cup press where it is heated to about 375 degrees for several seconds.  Once done, the cup is removed and dipped in water to stop the chemical transfer process.  The cup is dried and it is then ready for delivery.

Here are some sample cup layouts that we have done in the past.  Again, note that these layouts are a wrap around designs which cover basically three sides of the cup.  You can click on any of these to see a bigger version to give you ideas!

Finally, another advantage of this process of making coffee cups is that we can make these one at a time, so you can order one or many.  Prices start at $10.00 for the first cup.