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Artwork Requirements

At Heikk's, it all starts with your desires and ideas.  What do you want us to do for you?   That is the key question.

Often, it is nothing more than reproducing your already-existing logo for use in Embroidery or Screen-Printing.  The key here is to bring us good, clean artwork, preferably in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw vector format, otherwise in as large a printout as possible.  We need to see the detail and we need nice, clean edges so that we can reproduce your artwork in the most accurate manner.  If you know what fonts are used and what specific colors are in the logo (PMS colors), this is immensely helpful too ... and it will help to save setup costs. 

Some customers go to one of the various on-line t-shirt design companies and take a crack at setting up a design.   They then send us the link and ask use to make a similar design.  We are usually able to create a very comparable design and then produce the t-shirts at a much more competitive price, plus we keep you, the customer, involved in the process.  We like working together!

If you don't have a logo for us to reproduce or modify, then bring your good ideas, any sketches you have (don't be shy!), or logos or advertisements from others that may provide inspiration.  Sometimes, just going to the library and looking at graphic arts magazines or books, or even popular style magazines will give you that good idea for your logo.  Consider the text (less is usually better), the font (watch those serifs), colors (have some fun) and any graphics.  Don't make the logo too complicated.   Often it is better to keep the logo clean, simple and of reasonable size.  Everything you might want to say doesn't have to be in the logo.  Leave something for your customer to ask about, which will create dialog that is far more valuable than a cluttered logo. 

Also, remember that you can put more than one logo, or parts of a logo on different parts of the shirt, coat, bag or hat that you are having prepared.  For shirts and coats, you have the left and right chest locations, either sleeve, and either just below the neck or, especially on coats, across the full back.  For hats, you naturally have the front of the hat and you also have the back of the hat for some basic text, such as a phone number, a web address or a name.  For bags, you have the sides, the tops and the end.  Spread the word out, it can look really good.

The designing tools we use daily at Heikk's include vector editing programs Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.  We also use Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Photo Paint, various Clip Art and Font programs, scanners and digital cameras, and for embroidery we use our Pulse Micro System digitizing software.  Most important of all, we use our own creativity, resourcefulness and attention to detail ... to your detail!

Again, we are here to help you look good.  We want your ideas and we want to work with you.  So come on down to Heikk's and let's get started.